Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bye bye luxury, and Hello! agony.

As some of you guys may already know. I'm going to Melaka next monday for matriculation. It's true, I'm not shitting. I only hope that there's available access to the internet there. If not i'm totally dead. I have applied for UM but te results is out due June, so to be safe, it's better that I go to Melaka first in case I did not get UM. Here are some of the things that I will surely miss.

Of course. My computer.

Modem. For me, the greatest invention ever.

The pencil is what keeping the modem obtain it's power.

My Ben 10 desktop. Yes, I love to watch Ben 10.

The big TV in the living room.


Astro decoder. It made my day everytime.

The fishes that I feed everyday for the past two years, but still doesn't recognise me because they swam away when I approach the pond.

Damn fishes.

The bike that I've modified a lot but I seldom ride it.

DRUMS!! I'll definitely miss these.

The place where I always release my stress.

PS2, I'm still playing Guitar Hero.

Thank God for this game.

The TV in my room.

Without this, there will be no porn in my room.

My comfy bed.

My personal computer.

My Core 2 Quad. It's only 2 months old. Damn!

The comfort of a toilet seat. I'm hoping that I don't need to squat there.

My shower. Yes it's pink. Who cares?!

Just for fun.

The rooftop. The place I always hag out alone. Letting my mind wander around.

The stairs that I used to climb to the rooftop.

I'll miss this place.

My hockey stick. It brings back memories. The time when I'm active in sports.

My hoe-made bat. My uncle carved this.

My knife, just in case.

Luckily, there are some stuffs that I can bring to Melaka to make my life less miserable there. Such as...

My iPod. To me, Music=Life

My external. I'll also bring my drumsticks and metronome so that I can practice my drums there.

But the most important thing that I'll miss is definitely my family and friends. I'm hoping that we will still keep in touch although I will be in Melaka. Since I'm a mama's boy, I'm really worried that I'll have to wash and iron my own clothes, just hoping there will be a laundry there at the hostel or dorm(whatever they call it these days). I can only come back once a month though. Damn. Melaka is just an hour away, depending how you drive. HAHA!! anyway, All The Best to you guys! and the last day of Langkawi post will be done by Voon Keong. So if there's anything lame blame him. Bye bye luxury and hello agony. Adios!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Langkawi Experience! Day 3!

Day 3

It was the same as the previous morning. Pang woke up around 6.30 a.m. and took a stroll along the beach, finding his victims. Eng Hoe and Soo were unmovable after last night's party. As before, we failed to see the sunrise, most of us woke up around 7.30 a.m. We discussed about our plan that day while taking turns to bath. We decided to visit Makam Mahsuri and the Eagle Statue at the jetty. After that, another play time at the beach.

Eng Hoe had a sleepless night with Afiq. Just look at that HOT body.

Waking up for the camera.

Afiq's blur face in the morning.

His shirt for the day.

Eng Hoe went back to sleep, after waking up. So...

Pang having a bout of morning sickness. PSP.

Discussing about the game.

First thing to do? Breakfast, of course. Afiq mentioned before that there was a RM1 nasi lemak stall along the road. We were all hyped up to makan but when we arrived there, it's friggin' closed. Potong stim only. (English-equivalent = anti-climatic) However, there's another nasi lemak stall. Nevertheless, it was an excellent meal.

This is the second stall we found. Note the 1 removed from the board. Maybe there used to be two RM1 stalls but something just happened.

Afiq's plate. RM6 including his drink. His quote: Damn cheap. A piece of seabass curry and some beef.

Pang's plate. RM6 also.

Gobbling up our beautiful breakfast.

Soo daydreaming, thinking what to do.

Finished already.

Ignore this guy.

Afiq touched Eng Hoe's chest. Eng Hoe can't take it anymore.


After a hearty breakfast, we went back to the motel. Apparently, some of us haven't bathed yet. Smelly fellows. After that, we went to Makam Mahsuri!

Eng Hoe trying to repair his flip-flops with super glue but he either glued the scissors together or the cap of the bottle.

It's time to visit Makam Mahsuri. Entrance fee is RM5, however pictures of the exhibits cannot be taken. Wonder why?

Summary of Mahsuri's death.

It's just a snail.

Soo and Eng Hoe reading the text. Pang and VK talking about game.

Paying their respects.

Funny-looking tree.

Two red ants attacking a puny black ant. Pity the black ant.

Traditional buffalo cart.

Then we saw photos and articles of Mahsuri's descendants. Not bad.

The photos were taken about only a few years back but they are losing colour fast.

The younger one is chubby. Wait till she's older.

Nice cactus.

Not sure for what. Either it's for rice-harvesting or kitchen equipments.

Lobster? Yes. Edible? Probably not.

Still not sure about all these.

Probably for flattening pieces of latex. Who knows? Anyone has an answer?

Traditional thingy.

Traditional kitchen.

Traditional fire-extinguisher. ;-P

A view from the inside.

A place where babies sleep.

Eng Hoe is trying to test the quality of woodwork.

Trying to break down the wall.

Traditional window designs.

Eng Hoe reading scriptures. Which turned out to be Allah. After that, he melts.

Dear God, please forgive Afiq.

A view of the house. Note the smiley face.

Look closely. There's a bird among the leaves.

Afiq and Eng Hoe fooling around with some items at a stall.

Pang posing with an umbrella. An ugly girl.

Below are some shots taken with the performers of "Caklempong".

Luckily, Eng Hoe is at the side. If not, he will block the whole show.

Mahsuri's grave.

Looking at her tomb.

Paying our respects to Mahsuri, hopefully she rests in peace and nothing happens to us. So far so good.

Take one.

Take two.

Final take. Afiq joins in.

After that, we walked around the place again. There's a small enclosure for some birds.

Plants roots were dangling above us.

Eng Hoe trying to do the limbo rock.

Here are the birds we saw in the enclosure.

Eagle, the only one we know.

Peacock. (Kacang hijau konek)

Show off.

Musical instruments.

Old appliances.

Nice tempayan/vase.


Another drum. Huge one.

Afiq posing with a stick. From far, looks like a keris.

His feet is on a land-plougher.

We went to another house. Pendekar Hitam's house.

Another traditional item.

Playing dress up with VK.

So beautiful until the camera cannot capture.


A sexy dude!

Gauze (kekabu) tree. Click to enlarge for a closer look at the gauze.

Magic trick. Balancing the bird on his finger.

After a long time at Makam Mahsuri, we drove to the jetty for the iconic Eagle Statue.

Group photo with the eagle.

Karate Kid, Soo posing the crane posture.

Eagle posers.

Little JD is here. RM9.

Back to the room. Waiting for playtime at the beach. Meanwhile, a small party.

Tengah hari sudah minum. Girls, check out Soo's body, but if nudged, it's flabby.

Believe it or not, Eng Hoe's a pro with Rubik's cube.

Lazing around. Pang with the PSP again.

Afiq trying to annoy Pang.

Pang did not responded. At all.

Eng Hoe wanted to take a short nap, but constantly disturbed by Afiq.

We bought this ball for RM6, Soo bargained it and we got 90 cents discount! In the end, we threw the ball out to the sea but there's this white kid who took it. Niama!

Still clean.

House keeping nightmare.

Trash can is full of booze and chocs.

Then it is the BEACH!!! We played for around two hours, the first hour we kept playing with the ball. Then we saw some dudes playing football, so Soo, Pang and Afiq joined them. Luckily, none of us got sunburned.

Look at eng Hoe's sexy legs. Wait till you see his body.

Nice ass!!

After playing around and having fun we cleaned ourselves up and head to dinner!! In conjunction with Soo's birthday the day before, we decided to belanja him makan. We went back to our favourite restaurant which is Lucky Restaurant.

Afiq's shirt for the night.

Soo wrestle Eng Hoe.

No idea why we took this pic.


The sign says it.

Here are some pics of us having dinner.


The B'day boy.

Like he know only.

It's time to refuel!

Peel and Black Devil. Both not bad.

PSP again.

Afiq trying to grope Eng Hoe.

Eng Hoe wants to try smoking.

Our first dish.

Afiq feeding the birthday boy.

Passing him the food.

Gone in 5 minutes. Eng Hoe took nearly half.

The main course.

Since Soo is the birthday boy, he got the privilege of eating the cheek flesh of the fish.

Everything finish.

EeF off man!

Our bill, not that expensive.

Stop playing!

Nice dinner.

Then we decided to walk around Chenang Beach, since this is the last night, everyone agrees except Soo, claiming he's tired.

Fooling around at the money changer stand.

Japanese school in Langkawi, damn.

The bookshop is really vibrant.

Eng Hoe is really 'jakun' that there's a durian in Langkawi.

Look at the book Eng Hoe is reading. 'Inside the Whale'.

Eng Hoe is sad becuse he can't fit in those shorts.

We're jealous that there are lots of couples holding hands so Eng Hoe and Afiq decided to hold hands.

This is the video.

The cat on the catfood box is very similar to the cat on the counter.

The beach at night.

The real party!!

Eng Hoe is proud of his Carlsberg.

Our fridge is full of chocs now.

Old Virginia whiskey, in the end Eng Hoe can't finish the whole bottle. Pussy.

Old Virgin.

Soo's face explains all.

Eng Hoe watching the Malay drama again.

Pang joins in after that.

He's only posing.

Only a little sip.

Sleep already.


Stop la Pang.

Trash can vomits.

Look at how many mineral bottle we bought.

It's cleaner.

That is all for Day 3.